These are the most downloaded online shopping apps worldwide for April 2020

Due to the ease and speed with which consumers can shop online, e-commerce portals are gaining clientele rapidly.

In 2019, it was estimated there were  2.92 billion digital buyers, and eCommerce sales accounted for 24.1% of retail purchases worldwide.

It is expected that in 2023, eCommerce retail purchases are will rise from 24.1% to 32%.

A report published by Sensor Tower; US-based research agency suggests that Wish was the most downloaded shopping app worldwide for the month of April 2020 with about 11.3 million installs.

This number is quite impressive given that it is a 63.8% increase from February 2019, the app being incredibly popular in Brazil with around 18% downloads and 13.5% downloads coming from the USA.

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Amazon ranked second as the most installed shopping app globally with more than 30.8 million downloads which is a 45% increase since last year.

The countries with the largest number of Amazon installs were from India at 47.4% and the US at 61%.

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